Wonder More and Want Less!

It is easy to get blinded by wants – they are all around us, shouting loud for our ...
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Nature inspires Wonder

‘The more high tech our lives become, the more nature we need.’ – Richard Louv, The Nature Principle ...
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Two Tools and a Mantra

Can parents help their child from getting into the want bubble at all? They sure can! In fact, ...
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The Trouble Track

After spending hundreds of hours observing preschoolers in different environments – at home, at preschool and other organized ...
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Children and Advertising

Children are surrounded by stuff. And through continuous media messages and advertising they are enticed, encouraged and reminded ...
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Rich Kids Learn about Needs

Affluenza refers to a condition in which we are confused about what it takes to live a worthwhile ...
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We live in a media-dominated, peer culture. Media is informative, entertaining, addictive and thus highly influential, more so for kids, teens and parents. The most effective parenting strategy is to be proactive – to understand media, anticipate opportunities, challenges and be prepared!

baby looking out window