The Modern Myth
The Modern Myth

In today’s world of rapid climate change and mass-extinction; diversity in nature is at risk. And in our global, one-size-fits all, fast food chains, franchise and merchandise model, diversity in culture is at risk. As someone who has benefited from cultural diversity, our aim is to gather wisdom for our children. Please join in. Share a story from your memory; of the land you grew up in, your grandparents, of food, festivals of your growing up years...

Feel passionately about something? Share with us.

Each of us has a little room in our heart that is remarkably special to us. An idea, a lesson, an activity, a quest - that something which has the power to energize us, to hurt us, heal us. Numbers, words, arts & crafts, travel, sports, people, self-improvement...  Whether your passion occupies a little corner in your heart or houses your heart, there is no big satisfaction than sharing it with someone who would see the light you are seeing there. We would love to be the medium. Whatever your passion may be, if you can capture it in words, pictures, videos or a combination of all, we invite you to contribute it to this space!

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