We offer 'Developmentally Appropriate Financial Literacy' Program for ages 6-16 years. Our approach to financial literacy is simple - make the seemingly drab and technical world of personal finance simple, relevant and exciting for all to understand and relate to, in a developmentally relevant, age-appropriate way.

We draw on our Founder's 16 years experience in designing innovative financial literacy programs for children and youth and her research in the dynamics of money-mind-media.

Our Financial Literacy initiatives;

  • Olive & Jay Beach Bungle

    Book for Children (ages 6-9 years) on making choices, needs and wants

  • Money Mentors

    Parents have a vantage place with children and can really influence their child's money values and habits. Our initiatives for parents include talks and discussions.

  • AIM for Parents

    We offer Actionable Insights to parents to navigate parenting through this world dominated by Money Mind & Media.

  • Moneylogue

    Children's Program (Book and Workshop) on Pocket Money Management (Coming Soon)

  • Money Bee

    An adrenaline-pumping inter-school Quiz for students of middle school (Grades 6-8)

  • Bingo NoW

    Our proprietary Game of Bingo, based on needs and wants for primary school students (Grades K-2 & 3-5)

The ability to understand money and its meaning in one's life and life goals is at the core of our financial literacy program

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Preschools and Policy Makers

Needs Or Want? - The Foundation of Making Wise Choices!
Key goal of financial education for young children

Understanding the concept of ‘Need vs Want’ is a simple, tricky and often underrated concept in financial education.

Since it is the basis of making wise choices, which is what our financial decisions (and lives in general) are about, it is the key to financial well being and hence should be a significant part of financial education for children. Our Founder has been studying the topic for 8 years specifically with this objective. Having worked in financial literacy for 14 years, she is able to bring it out effectively and engagingly through a lively discussion prompted through books and games for children (3-9 years) in an age-appropriate way.