If you want to change your world, try changing your stories; the ones you tell about yourselves and the ones you listen to.

Amidst the millions of stories we can choose from today, we try to find those that help define our world. And we live forever finding and seeking happiness. Do we find it?

The theme of first issue; aim2019 is Stories.

With very little quality publications on parenting older children and early teenagers, aim2019 will be of value to you and your families. With content contribution from at least a dozen prolific, original voices, designed in a gorgeous, reader-friendly package (with ZERO commercial message or intent), aim2019 promises to be an entertaining, enriching and endearing conversation.

Get set for thought-provoking insights from modern research and traditional wisdom, and perspective-widening stories from personal experiences. 'aim2019' puts parents and families at the center and explores relationships through stories, myths and modern research.

'Stories shape our worlds'. 'We are not just born into stories but actually are born from the stories.' 'One who tells stories, controls the world'. And so the bonus in aim2019 is a feature on 'Storytelling'.

Inside aim2019

  • 'Rich people's problems' - conversation with noted psychologist and author Barry Schwartz on problem of affluence and paradox of choice.
  • 'We are living in a myth' - read from the works of and interview with famous mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik.
  • 'Storytelling is like glue' - discover the power of stories and storytelling with acclaimed storyteller Jeeva Raghunath
  • What is it like to grow up in another country, another culture? 4 mothers recount their experiences of growing up in Sweden, Japan, India and China
  • My Grandmother, My Child's Grandmother, and Me; a Grandmother - Grandparents role in modern families.
  • Explore the art and skill of storytelling with professional storytellers from Storytelling Association Singapore.
  • What's Happening in 2019 - Key events to look forward to.

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A cozy corner, a cuppa and a very special friend...

aim is an annual conversation (digital and print) for parents and families that features expert interviews, insights from modern research and traditional wisdom, articles contributed by professionals in the field of the theme of the year and selected memoirs by parents and other well-meaning adults, from our ‘aim’ page for gathering wisdom.

The theme of the debut aim2019 is STORIES, stories that shape 'our individual world' and 'our collective world.'