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Growing Up In…

What is it like growing up in a country you know very little about? What is beyond the popular stereotypes about a certain culture/ country? Well-traveled, well-read parents write about their childhood and the place they grew up in.

Nora Ephron on modern Parenting

Back in those days - and let me stress that I am not talking about the 19th century here, it was just a few years ...
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Life Lessons From My Mother Who Never Went To School

Growing up in China ‘My mother  never attended a school, she cannot read or write, but she taught me invaluable life lessons that have helped ...
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My Childhood in India in the 60s

I am a retired Chemistry teacher and an artist by passion. I work across mediums; painting with coffee is my current favourite. I have exhibited ...
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Growing up in Traditional Japan

  I was born and raised in Japan. I love photography and telling Japanese folk tales and stories with morals and culture especially using Kamishibai ...
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Life and Parenting in Sweden

  Born in a small town by the sea in the south of Sweden, I am the youngest of three sisters. Languages and different cultures ...
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If you want to change your world, try changing your stories; the ones you tell about yourselves and the ones you listen to.

Healing Teenagers With Stories

Professional storyteller and mindfulness coach Nandini Nagpal explains why storytelling works with teenagers, what kinds of stories to tell and how parents can do it ...
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The Family Bond – A Storyteller’s Perspective

Internationally well known live-wire storyteller, Jeeva Raghunath shares her passion for storytelling and a few practical storytelling tips. Once upon a time It was a ...
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Custodians of culture,  Storytellers, Parenting Experts, Military or Police, Go-To Resources in everything life, Babysitters, Consultants, Head Chefs, even in-house Doctors - they have played several roles in millions of households around the world and especially in Asian families. No wonder then they have been given this ‘grand’ status in families. Now in context of loosening hold of traditions, nuclear families, and the advent of of web, Wikipedia, Google and Social Media, how do the wise, experienced, relaxed grandparents stay relevant?

My Grandmother, My Child’s Grandmother & Me – A Grandmother

Retired teacher and grandmother Manorama Ramanadhan, gives us a peek into grand parenting through changing times, across 3 generations, her grandmother’s, mother’s and hers.   ...
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Words of Wisdom

How do parents make sense of this parenting environment characterized by continuous change, technology domination, rising affluence and choice… Hear from experts who dig into traditional wisdom, modern research or both.

Barry Schwartz
Devdutt Pattanaik

The stories we hear, the symbols we see and the rituals we follow define our culture, our environment. In some places, the culture is very homogeneous; everyone has the same lifestyle, follows same rituals, has similar aspirations, values. In some places, the culture is diverse; people from different cultures or with different set of values and rituals live together. Whichever place you are living (and raising children) in, whether you are in the same place as you grew up in and coping with changing culture, or trying to blend into a new culture (due to relocation), being aware of different cultures enriches lives and educates us about the world, others and our own selves. This is a page for 'slow read'. The articles are thoughtfully curated and mindfully articulated by those who have lived in different parts of the world, experienced diverse cultures. The articles are their reflection on a culture they grew up in or the culture they currently inhabit or both.

aim online is the hive that gathers and stores this wisdom for today’s global, modern parents and families around the world. Savour the nectar and leave your comments below. (email [email protected] if you face any problems on the site)

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