For Parents


Beach Bungle Companion

A companion e-book for parents, to children’s smart book – Olive & Jay Beach Bungle. This e-book gives the theory and practical insights to help parents enable their young children to make wise choices by gaining the ability to differentiate between needs and wants.

aim 2019 cover

aim2019 - conversations & connections that matter

An enriching read that explores stories significant to family and parenting. It contains thought-provoking insights from modern research and traditional wisdom, perspective-widening stories from personal experiences.

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AIM Quarterly

Actionable Insights on Money, Mind & Media for Parenting in modern, forever-changing, media-dominated, technology-driven world of abundance.

For Children

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For Ages 6-9 years

Olive & Jay Beach Bungle

Bridge book / Financial Literacy / Making Choices / Needs and Wants / Seagulls
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*Listed on Jumpstart Clearinghouse - USA’s premier financial literacy resource

adventures in moneypur cover

For Ages 10-15 years

Adventures in Moneypur

Fantasy / Financial Literacy / Middle Grade / Money Smarts
Recommended Rapid Reader in schools in India

ICanDo Financial Planning cover

For Ages 16 years+

ICanDo Financial Planning

Handbook / Financial Literacy / Financial Planning / Self-Help
Financial Literacy initiative by Reserve Bank of India for first time earners