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Training & Development

We exist to challenge the 'herd mentality'. We strive to achieve this by promoting thinking and creating, collaborating and appreciating. We develop simple, creative, fact-focussed content and we spark and support meaningful conversations. Join us to discover the true ‘I’ and harness the power of the real 'we'.

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actionable insights

for modern culture parenting

Traditional or Modern? East or West? Strict or Liberal? Hi-tech or low? While polarities dominate modern parenting, gain insights AND benefit from both poles. Distilled from traditional wisdom of different cultures  and modern research in sciences and social sciences, arts and business, economics and media, aim aims to harness the power of AND.

Money and Media Literacy

Get the whole picture  

It is all in the mind. Or is it? Multiple factors influence decisions. Some we are aware of, many we are not. Be aware of the elephant, beware of the blind spots to avoid confusion, guilt, frustration.

Market Literacy on 'Money, Mind and Media' with Swapna



The vital skill to being human and enjoying life

Look at possibilities, get out of tough situations, create something new, amuse yourself. Widely regarded in technology, design and corporate sector in all its variations; lateral thinking, design thinking, constructive disruption - creativity is also profitable. Sharpen your creative thinking skills... the basis of positivity and resilience.

Ideate. Solve Problems. Think-out-of-the box.


We must all do theatre... 

'...to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become,' said a dramatist. We say, if you don't do theatre, participate in this rewarding experience by watching it at least. New to theatre? Here's where you can start. Our depository for theatre literacy.

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Words Worth

Wisdom, wit, work captured in words

Words are one way to express oneself and a very powerful one at that. This section is collection of words of wisdom expressed beautifully in prose, poetry, idioms, quotes... Love to write? Find insights on expressing in words, prose and poetry, fiction and non-fiction.



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Peer Pressure

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