Money, Mind and Media - the 3 Ms are shaping the 'aims' of modern day parenting in ways we cannot imagine. As parents get busier outside of the homes and children get 'smarter' with smart gadgets, AIM provides actionable insights to parents on themes defining today's culture and influencing children and parenting!


‘At 110, everything I create will come alive’

Art in all its forms, is an ikigai that can bring happiness and purpose to our days. Enjoying ...
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What do you wake up for? What keeps you awake? What do you want to keep alive for? ...
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Time to ‘hold on and not eat that marshmallow now.’​

Way back in the 1960s, a researcher and his students setup an experiment. Their lab was called 'Surprise ...
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Some Henry Ford Wisdom on Money

Who was Henry Ford? Founder of Ford Motors, Henry Ford was also the main developer of assembly line ...
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Migration of Nurses amidst the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its third year, the demand for healthcare and care workers is increasing everywhere ...
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Mind and Money – Why lose one over the other when you can have both?

The biggest problem with money is that it is never enough - too little or too much, never ...
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Wonder More and Want Less!

It is easy to get blinded by wants – they are all around us, shouting loud for our ...
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Nature inspires Wonder

‘The more high tech our lives become, the more nature we need.’ – Richard Louv, The Nature Principle ...
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Two Tools and a Mantra

Can parents help their child from getting into the want bubble at all? They sure can! In fact, ...
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Children today are ‘economically ‘worthless’ but emotionally ‘priceless’
Sociologist Viviana Zelizer

Today’s generation of parents is that of achievers, who take their roles as parents as seriously as they take their professions, paying attention to every bit of information, research, experiences on the subject. They are involved in their children, ensure they spend quality time with them and strive hard to get them the best they can. They are able and confident individuals. Yet as parents, today’s parents are far more insecure and sceptical than their own parents.

With so many ‘resources’ at their fingertips; new findings in the field of parenting, new products and apps, books and magazines to help parents get better at their jobs, why are parents still searching and finding for answers to their parenting insecurities?

The reason is – access to too much information. One needs to only look at parenting section in a bookstore or library to understand the scope of information overload in parenting today. Not to mention the scores of subtle but more powerful messages coming from mainstream media and advertising.

We, today’s parents, are continuously trying to keep up with our image of an ‘ideal’ parent, which is altered with every new piece of information released into our brains (read, all the time), leaving us feeling less confident about our actions and beliefs.

Through AIM, we intend to create an unbiased, open-minded platform for parents;

  1. to enable a precise understanding of the environment they are raising children in,
  2. to bring forward 3 secret forces that drive most of our actions – money, mind and media.
  3. to come together as a learning community of conscious, thinking and confident parents who will take nothing short of the best for their families.
  4. to reclaim their ‘powers’ in raising their children.