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If you want to change your world, try changing your stories; the ones you tell about yourselves and the ones you listen to.

Healing Teenagers With Stories

Professional storyteller and mindfulness coach Nandini Nagpal explains why storytelling works with teenagers, what kinds of stories to tell and how parents can do it ...
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The Family Bond – A Storyteller’s Perspective

Internationally well known live-wire storyteller, Jeeva Raghunath shares her passion for storytelling and a few practical storytelling tips. Once upon a time It was a ...
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Tale I Love to Tell

Bedtime stories, travel tales, folk and fairy tales, myths and legends - many stories, shared all the time. Telling a story is passing wisdom, sharing cultures, moments and creating a bond. Professional Storytellers of Storytelling Association of Singapore help decode 'storytelling' by sharing their memorable moments of telling their favourite stories.

Nigerian Pourqoui Tale

By Kala Sundaram The Tale - Why The Sky Is Far Away In the beginning of time, the sky was close to Earth and what’s ...
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A Jewish Folktale

by Karen Lee The Tale - Tailor The story is about a tailor who, when given a piece of cloth by a grateful customer, makes ...
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A Laotian, underdog story

By Wong Swee Yean The Tale - Thao Kham The Pebble Shooter Thao Kham The Pebble Shooter is a tale from Laos. t is about an ...
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The Modern Myth

The Modern Myth Symbols, Stories and rituals make up a culture. The above illustration encompasses the modern symbols, our everyday rituals and popular stories of ...
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A Story & A Song

A housewife knew a story. She also knew a song. But she kept them to herself, never told anyone the story or sung the song. ...
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Parenting, back in those days…

Back in those days - and let me stress that I am not talking about the 19th century here, it was just a few years ...
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Words of Wisdom

How do parents make sense of this parenting environment characterized by continuous change, technology domination, rising affluence and choice… Hear from experts who dig into traditional wisdom, modern research or both.

Barry Schwartz
Devdutt Pattanaik
Blind men and Elephant
Blind men and Elephant

Once upon a time, there were phones that weren’t mobile, people were. If a phone rang, people ran to it to answer the call. Television was black, white and grey, life was full of different colours. ’Fast’, in connection with food, meant delaying gratification. Once upon that time, parents and elders set rules, children followed as a matter of fact. Your village was your world. Grandparents (or the likes) told stories to children. The stories, invariably beginning with ’once upon a time’, were from their memories; myths, folklore, history or personal lives. Stories defined, set boundaries around our world. And we lived happily ever after.

Today, the world is our village. We hear stories everywhere, about anyone, at the click of the button. There are news stories; gossips, fashion trends, success stories, disaster stories, shame stories, horror stories. There are propaganda stories - political rallies, business meets, industry conferences and sponsored stories - ads, endorsements, promotions. Amidst the millions of stories we can choose from, we try to find those that help define our world. And we live forever finding and seeking happiness. Do we find it?



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