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Creativity makes life exciting and interesting. It is the basis of humour, problem solving, innovation and design. Children are the best at creative thinking! And we love to work with them sharpening their skills, regularly.

Our approach to creative thinking is simple - activate the intelligence through exercise, equip them with funtastic creativity tools and apply to problem solving and communication. Lookout for our Mentobics (Mental Workout routine) to keep your mind fresh, alert and creative!

Our proprietary Creativity workshops;

  • Mentobics

    A routine creative thinking workout plan for all (ages 9-99)

  • Ideas Unlimited

    An idea storming workshop that encourages out-of-the-box thinking and non-judgmental appreciation of others' ideas.

  • Children Solve Problems

    Facilitation session that generates out-of-the-box solutions to world problems, essentially due to the genius problem solvers - children.

  • Perspectives

    A storytelling and appreciation session on understanding a story or a situation from different perspectives.

  • Think Express

    A think and act session on expressive communication, from the point of view of the character.

Sense of humor,
Problem solving mindset,
Expression, and
Looking differently at the ordinary.

make up our creativity program

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