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We believe in challenging the 'herd mentality' in order to discover the ‘I’ - the individual self.  We also believe in the power of 'we' - that the 'I' can be nurtured and celebrated only through the 'we'.

Kaleidoscopetd.com is a repository of its founder's research, practice and experience of 20 years in creative thinking, financial literacy, arts and modern culture parenting. This online space offers articles, infographics, excerpts from talks, book reviews and recommendations and educational resources on the above topics. 

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Founding Editor

Swapna Mirashi

Swapna Mirashi is an author of 4 books, director of an award-winning Marathi pandemic play and of 2 youth theatre performances. She has been actively involved in educational and creative projects for and by young adults in various capacities - as a trainer, facilitator, quiz master, theatre director, and author. She has parallely worked with professionals from top banks and educational and creative organizations as a consultant, trainer and facilitator.

Besides the vast experience, she brings a child-like curiosity and exuberance and an acquired wisdom of an adult to her writing, training and directing young people.

Swapna has been studying the dynamics of 3Ms - Money, Mind and Media and its influence on modern life and parenting. She writes, speaks and moderates discussions on range of topics in the above domain.

Previously, Swapna served on the Steering Committee for Financial Literacy of the Reserve Bank of India. She developed content for financial literacy training for youngsters (ICICI Foundation) and for parents (Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Institute for Financial Literacy). Swapna has advised banks and institutions on  their financial literacy programmes.

She currently serves on the board of Udaan Foundation, a charitable trust she co-founded with her husband and volunteers as a Museum Docent with the Friends of the Museums, Singapore for STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery.

MBA by qualification, Swapna has experience in Journalism, Advertising & Marketing and Education. Swapna has lived and worked in various cities in India, in Sydney, Australia and in Cincinnati, USA. She is currently based in Singapore with her corporate warrior husband and their 14-year-old daughter.

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We specialise in making learning complex yet important life skills simple, engaging and relevant to kids and youngsters. We can develop customised training programmes, quizzes and other educational game shows.  Our Founding Principal has over 20 years experience of developing content and conducting training for reputed organisations (including Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Institute of Financial Literacy, The Reserve Bank of India), banks, ad agencies, schools, government and non-government bodies for adults and children.