Find Free Fun

Swapna Mirashi

Modern society children live in an essentially strong peer culture. They spend, since very young, more time with others their age than with the adults responsible for them. Advertising encourages this peer culture due to its appeal to spread ‘craze’ and ‘fads’ and thus drive sales.

Children are surrounded by stuff. And through continuous media messages and advertising they are enticed, encouraged and reminded to ‘want’, ‘want NOW’ and ‘want more.

If we as parents, teachers, caregivers and influencers, introduce them to “Wonder More, Want Less” and help find Free Fun in things surrounding us, they will cope up with their “Wants” better.

Examples of free fun:

  • Paint a picture together as a family.
  • Frame it and hang it on your wall.
  • Cook together as a family.
  • Go on walks, hiking, biking
  • Head to a beach – build sand castles
  • Watch cloud shapes