Generation Labels

Swapna Mirashi

What is common between – The Greatests, The Silents, The Boomers, The Xs, The Millennials?

Well, for one, they are all (American) labels given to people in different generations. American labels – as this system originated in the US. American in parentheses as, the system is now followed almost everywhere.

So what do the labels mean?
Different associations may differ in the exact years but here’s what the labels roughly indicate;

If you are…                                           You (or someone you know) were born between…
The Greatest / GI                                1901-1926
The Silent / Mature                            1927-1945
The Baby Boomers                              1946-1964
Gen X                                                     1965-1980
Gen Y /Millennials                                1981-2000

If you know someone born before 1901, they are labelled as ‘Lost Generation’.

And, if you are born after 2000, they are still looking for a label for you. Although Gen Z, Post-Millennials and other creative ones like iGen, Boomlets are the labels loosely assigned by some.


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