Swapna Mirashi

Mind, like muscles, develops with use. The more we stimulate and challenge its resources, the more will be its information processing powers. The more one generates ideas and applies one’s mind in play, art and games, the more fluent one will be in generating solutions to real and important opportunities and problems of life. Everyday regular, mundane activities too offer a way to workout the mind.

For example, changing the hand you normally write/work with. If you are usually right handed, when you change to writing/ working with your left hand. This simple change leads to activating a large network of connections, circuits, and brain areas involved in writing with your left hand–which are normally rarely used. The brain then engages itself in an exercise to tackle this new task that’s now interesting, challenging , fun and may be frustrating.

Similarly, trying to unlock the door in dark or finding your way through your eyes closed, if you usually move about using your vision allows you mind to make make multi-sensory associations.

Mentobics use the five physical senses, the two hemispheres of the brain in unexpected ways and encourage you to shake up your everyday routines. They can be done anywhere, anytime in offbeat, fun and easy ways while you’re getting up, commuting, working, eating, shopping or relaxing. They are designed to help the brain manufacture its own nutrients that strengthen preserve and grow brain cells.

Mentobics is a fitness program for the mind, a carefully constructed set of exercises to give a complete workout to the mind.

Set aside as little as 15 minutes a day for mentobics – mental workouts – and see the result.

Your everyday life is a Mentobics Mind Gym.