Parent Alert

Swapna Mirashi
​Cyber bullying, particularly in children, is making headlines all over the world. 
While netizens recently witnessed cyber bulling of the new kid in the White
House, the disturbing trend made headlines elsewhere too. Here are a few; 

Be Proactive
•   Do not allow children to use internet, before they understand digital safety.
•   Help young children choose ‘kid friendly’ search engines and sites.
•   Put necessary parental blocks.
•   Children do not need to be on social media, and expert recommend them not to be until they are 12 years.
•  For teens, be their friend in need. Keep your communication lines open – talk proactively about cyber safety and assure that they can always come to you should there be any problem.
•   And finally: Be there!

Would you leave your child alone in a strange, crowded place which you know has all kinds of people, including the bad ones? Most parents say, no way.

Remember: Internet is that huge, unknown, crowded and confusing place with some bad people out there. Ensure your child is not wandering alone on the internet.