a few broken pieces... a beam of light... a twist of the wrist... and a spectacular pattern to see.        Another turn and a whole new vista of colours and pattern emerges. Much as life itself.

Kaleidoscope, life's metaphor!

ReloD 2020

2020 will go down in history as the year of global pandemic. Our family had a rare opportunity to relocate crossing continents amidst border closures, travel restrictions and social distancing.  

Here's are my chronicle of our relocation and my reflections on the adventure we set out on, from Singapore to the United States in July 2020.

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kaleidoscope banner

Children's Theatre

The young, the restless and the eager! I have had the opportunity to interact with children and teenagers in various professional capacities over my career span of 20 years, most recently as a director of 2 landmark theatre productions.

Here are my thoughts on and experiences of live theatre - a fun, powerful and most energizing experience every youngster should take before becoming an adult - on stage, backstage and as an audience.


Millions of experiences I take. Not all can be categorized. Significant nonetheless...

Everyday experiences or once in a lifetime experiences - here's my record of instances, people, places, artworks that touched me, moved me, tickled me or triggered me.

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