Swapna Mirashi

Read ‘Thrive, the third metric of redefining success and creating a life of wellbeing, wisdom and wonder’ (that whole sentence is the title. Phew) by Arianna Huffington

It is author’s own story of transformation and moving from ‘wealth’ alone, and redefining success that moves towards ‘wellbeing’, ‘wisdom’ and ‘wonder’. It reinforced my own beliefs, from a been there done that. I like the concept of ‘the third metric’ as in the leg of our ‘2 legged highly unbalanced stool’ standing on money and power.

Writing wise I did not find it inspiring. Too many anecdotes trying to prove a point at times annoy the already convinced (may be necessary for those who need more convincing, I do not know and I’m not even arguing – Arianna is an expert, I’m sure she knows better than me).

There is also a sustained mention from various religions, Greek (author’s origin) mythology.

A quick browse through for me – I wrapped up the 368 pages in a couple of hours over the week.

Amazon classifies the book under ‘Business & Money’, ‘Women & Business’, ‘Self help’.  But the reviews hint towards spiritual/ philosophical (I agree). I did not find it motivational.

The book has rave reviews from other best selling authors on Amazon, but even at my generous best I can give the book an overall 3 stars.