Vocal Warm-ups

Swapna Mirashi

Start each rehearsal session with these 10 exercises – Breathing – Resonance – Opening up – Articulation


  •  from stomach 12 times
  • Breath & Relaxation– sit on chair/ lie on floor, 1 hand on tummy and 1 hand on side ribs. Observe breath. Awareness.
  • Breath in through nose – deep, hiss out


Prepare body. Advise some light cardio to get the lungs and body activated. 

  • pinga
  • Stretch – hands up in the air and roll your body gradually starting from dropping the head, then roll down spine vertebrae by vertebrae, till hanging from hips. Knees not locked. Make sure neck is relaxed so head is floppy. A few sighs. Then roll back up vertebrae by vertebrae, neck and head last one to come up. In a posture that is centered and calm.
  • Circle – feet, knees, waist, shoulders, wrist, neck


Face – make funny faces

  • Relax jaw and muscles of face: Massage jaw hinge, shake hands which are clasped together in a fist so that jaw loosely shakes. Do this on an out breath. Then can add sound. 
  • Jaw massage under your cheek bone 



  • Yawn – opening up the mouth, vocal cords and lungs
  • Humming – deepest voice – don’t push the sound, relax tongue and lips, feel vibrations in face, head, chest, let tummy hang loose  – beat the chest, back, shake while humming • Chew hum around, up and down in pitch
  • Siren – high weeeee low ooo


  • Lip – Bike – lip vibration – differing  and pitch (start with 20 sec – increasing gradually)
  • Tongue –
    1. Tongue stretch – Brushing teeth with tongue
    2.  tongue vibration (rrr), knocking on the roof of mouth – la la la 
    3. Horse hooves – tak tak tak



    1. Vocal Barakhadi (na, dnya, ksha, la)
    2. Counting to 10
    3. Say in single breath 
      • Bah dah gah, pah dah gah, 
      • Boh doh goh poh doh goh
      • Boo doo goo poo doo goo 
      • Bee dee gee pee dee gee
      • Bay day gay pay day gay
    4.  Say in single breath
      • Mah nah lah thah vah zah
      • Moh noh loh thoh voh zoh
      • Moo noo loo thoo voo zoo
      • Mee nee lee thee vee zee
      • May nay lay thay vay zay
    5.  Say in single breath
      • Pa ta ka Pah
      • Pa ta ka Paw
      • Pa ta ka Poo
      • Pa ta ka Pee
      • Pa ta ka Pay
    6.  Say in single breath
      • Ba da ga Bah
      • Ba da ga Baw
      • Ba da ga Boo
      • Ba da ga Bee
      • Ba da ga Bay
    7.  Say in single breath
      • La la la la, lala lala lala, lalala lalala lalala
      • Ta ta ta ta, tata tata tata, tatata tatata tatata
      • Da da da da, dada dada dada, dadada dadada
      • Ka ka ka ka, kaka kaka kaka, 
      • Ga