What are the 2 biggest concerns of modern parents?

Swapna Mirashi

We asked a 100 parents and looked through the ‘parenting’ sections in newspapers and magazines, bookstores and libraries to find the answer. The concerns and questions range from the simple and practical to the more strategic and philosophical.

How to handle toddler tantrums?

How to interact with my teenager?

To quit my job to stay at home for kids or look for nanny or day care?

How to plan so that we have enough money and time for bringing up our 4 kids?

How to provide everything my child wants but not spoil him?

What is the right amount of screen time for kids according to age group?

How to say ‘No’ without affecting my child’s self-esteem?

How to teach children what is enough, in this world of plenty?

Education is becoming so expensive – how to plan to fund my child’s higher education?

How to help my child with peer pressure and issues of consumerism?

Even if I give him everything he wants my son is never happy.

We want to earn so much as parents that we never have to say no to our children for money.

These and others like these sum up our predicament as modern day, multi-national, multi-cultural urban parents of smart, gifted and talented rock star kids. And they all point to two key concerns;

  1. Balancing the ‘money and kids’ equation
  2. Countering influences that create insecurities