Author – Olive & Jay Beach Bungle

Swapna Mirashi

Author Profile & Portfolio

Swapna Mirashi is a Financial Literacy expert. She was on the Reserve Bank of India’s Steering Committee for Financial Literacy in 2007. She was a consultant to big banks and organizations in India. Swapna has authored 3 other books on Financial Literacy.

Money Wise (2003) – Pocket Money book for children. The book was translated in Marathi and transcribed in Braille by the National Federation for the Blind.

Adventures in Moneypur (2006) – a financial allegory for tweens and teens that illustrates the complex world of personal finance with a thrilling story of Honey and Money.

ICanDo Financial Planning (2010) – a basic financial planning handbook for first time earners and university students. This book was launched in the International Financial Literacy Conference 2010 by the then Finance Minister (now President) of India Pranab Mukherjee.

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Illustrator Profile

Sudakshina Ghosh is a veteran artist who works across medium, including coffee paintings.

She has exhibited her works in many countries. She has used digital medium to illustrate Olive & Jay. Earlier Mrs. Ghosh was a chemistry teacher for 30 years, who taught in India and in Singapore.