Some Henry Ford Wisdom on Money

Who was Henry Ford? Founder of Ford Motors, Henry Ford was also the main developer of assembly line ...
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Mind and Money – Why lose one over the other when you can have both?

The biggest problem with money is that it is never enough - too little or too much, never ...
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Two Tools and a Mantra

Can parents help their child from getting into the want bubble at all? They sure can! In fact, ...
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Rich Kids Learn about Needs

Affluenza refers to a condition in which we are confused about what it takes to live a worthwhile ...
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Why ‘Needs and Wants’ is a crucial lesson for privileged kids?

“Learning to choose is hard. Learning to choose well is harder. And learning to choose well in a ...
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Teach Children to Make Wise Choices

In world full of options and distractions and instant gratification, how can children make wise choices? The ability ...
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Children influence family finances, even if they are not fully developed to have a long-term view to make decisions. They are thus advertisers’ favourites; often emotionally manipulated into wanting and demanding. The only defence to this continuous targeting for money is a step by step training.

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