Nora Ephron on modern Parenting

Back in those days - and let me stress that I am not talking about the 19th century ...
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Life Lessons From My Mother Who Never Went To School

Growing up in China ‘My mother  never attended a school, she cannot read or write, but she taught ...
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My Childhood in India in the 60s

I am a retired Chemistry teacher and an artist by passion. I work across mediums; painting with coffee ...
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indian temple

Growing up in Traditional Japan

  I was born and raised in Japan. I love photography and telling Japanese folk tales and stories ...
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Life and Parenting in Sweden

  Born in a small town by the sea in the south of Sweden, I am the youngest ...
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kids playing in snow

Most of us have lovely memories of us growing up; the place/s we grew up in, the people, the games we played, the customs we followed…

We are ‘gathering wisdom’ from diverse, traditional cultures, for today’s global, modern parents and families around the world. You are invited to contribute; in words and/or pictures – mentioning parenting practices, traditional lifestyle, routines and rituals, character values dear to the culture, examples of popular stories, toys and characters.

Your insights are precious. Please write naturally as if you are talking to someone, in your our own, natural style. Our editors will team up with you on editing and finalising your story.