Choose Your Way To Happiness

Swapna Mirashi
Everyone is different. Each of us has a different need, different taste.

And hence ‘one size fits all’ does not work. Gone are the days when ‘you could have the car of your choice, as long as it was black,’ as Henry Ford had famously said.

But also think about this – gone are the days when we got our dresses made, or furniture, or shoes, or houses. Now in today’s ‘supermarket’ age, all we need to do is ‘make a choice’ from the thousands of options available in the market from everything – food to furniture, clothes to houses, investment options to loans, even holidays and travel.

Although having it ‘readymade’ is convenient and fast, it essentially pushes you into ‘making choice’ out of what is available. Increased number of options to choose from, puts focus on what is available and creates confusion often leading to stress in decision making. But having a wide choice does something far more damaging than anything else and that is distancing us from our needs. This one thing is the root cause of all the stress at the time of choosing and guilt, anxiety after.

Do you get the point? In the age of ‘readymade’, we are unconsciously going farther from thinking ‘WHAT DO I NEED?’ And that, people, is the solution to wade through this complex world of options and opportunities – ‘know your need!’

Before going shopping – whether it is your supermarket for groceries or other products or when shopping for investment options, or insurance policies or even services like a financial advisor or tax consultant, know YOUR need first.

If it is not made-to-order, at least ensure it is fit-to-order.

Design the ‘order’ first, based on your needs and then shop later. Not the other way round, which is normally the case – going to the shop, checking all the options and then figuring out which one to buy.

Once you know your need, seek information on what can best fit your need. Ask questions.
Don’t be inundated by what market has to offer – if it does not fit your need, wait until you find something that does. Or try getting it ‘made-to-your-order.’ There are people and professionals who are equipped and willing to help you get what you need. But they are also people and professionals who would be happy to push their options to you to choose, if you don’t know your need.

Knowing your need is that one incredible tool that will help you see through the clutter at the few options that fit your order for you to choose from.

​The result: less confusion, more confidence and more happiness.