Exercise #1 – Warm up your mind with Fluency

Swapna Mirashi

Fluency is the ability to generate many ideas.

Material Needed: Pen and paper, Timer to keep time.
TIME LIMIT: 2 minutes total


  • Don’t limit your mind to the normal, the ordinary.
  • Don’t question your ideas.
  • Think out of the box.

Start the Timer

  • Which alphabets are also words? (There are at least 10)
  • List all things you can think of that are yellow and round
  • List all things you can think of that can get into a matchbox

Stop the Timer

  • Reflect
  • How easy/ tough was the exercise?
  • Was it fun?
  • How did you mind do vis a vis your expectations?

Follow up

  • Get your family/ friends to do the exercise
  • Design your own exercise along the lines of this one.
    • For example; what numbers are also words, list things that are red and round, What cannot fit in a room?