Creativity – Exercise

Swapna Mirashi

In the rapidly changing world we inhabit today, change is the only constant. On the one hand, it may seem confusing, at times scary. On the other, it is the time for new ideas, open minds and experimentation. It is the time of creativity!

What creativity is may be best illustrated by these quotes from two of the most creative minds ever; Einstein and Jobs.

‘Creativity is intelligence having FUN’

‘Creativity is just Connecting things.’ – Steve Jobs

‘Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.’ – Albert Einstein


To see what you can see and test if you can think ‘creatively’, try to make sense of these simple puzzle words. Each of these independently make sense; each stands for a well known word or phrase. Can you solve them? Answers below this post.

Answers below







  1. 7 Cs (Seas)
  2. Cross Roads
  3. Reading between the lines
  4. 4 Give and 4 Get (Forgive and Forget)