How much is too much?

Swapna Mirashi

Doing for children hinders them from mastering their needed developmental tasks and from learning life lessons.

God gives food to every bird, but does not throw it into the nest.’ – Montenegro Proverb

And absence of rules or inconsistency in words or action from parents result in confused, directionless children.

The result of overindulgence is that instead of appreciation and joy, you get whines, demands and complains. Overindulged children become demanding and unappreciative.

I’m a Prince,

the small boy said.

And stomped his foot 

and shook his head.

And would not, would not go to bed.’

– Anonymous

The authors call overindulgence as ‘a form of NEGLECT.’

Overindulgence is the new normal. Hence it is even more difficult to ‘be different’ and do the desired.

So how does one know if they are overindulging their children?

Check (note that toys, mentioned below, is used just for example – it could well be T-shirts, gadgets, stuff…)

– Are there too many toys?

– Are there too many toys of only one kind?

– Are the toys merely preparing children to become consumer (acquire toys/ series of toys and freebies) instead of those that prepares them to exercise their bodies, minds and souls or prepares them to ‘play’ adult roles. Like the ones in older times.


Enough for now

Enough for me

Enough to share

Even in ancient Indian philosophy, he who knows when to stop (eating before getting full, acquiring before getting to too much) is the master of all virtues.

‘Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.’ – The Dalai Lama