Migration of Nurses amidst the Pandemic

Swapna Mirashi

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its third year, the demand for healthcare and care workers is increasing everywhere in the world. With the demand for healthcare workers, everywhere, more than the supply, councils, countries and administrations are doing everything to balance the two.

With ever growing demand for nurses the developed world is easing visa, work and entry restrictions to nurses from the developing world.

While the rich countries are putting all the might behind building their health care systems, those in the poorer countries are collapsing.

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Some notable facts:

  1. About 1,000 nurses are arriving in the United States each month from African nations, the Philippines and the Caribbean,
  2. European and North American countries have created dedicated immigration fast-tracks for health care workers, and have expedited processes to recognize foreign qualifications.
  3. In 2010, the member states of the W.H.O. adopted a Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel, which recognizes the right of individuals to migrate but calls for wealthy nations to recruit through bilateral agreements, with the involvement of the health ministry in the country of origin.