In Pursuit of ‘Eliminating Boredom’

How many of us, parents, dread the remark; 'I'm bored', from our child of any age? Our parenting ...
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Whodunit? – Printer/ other devices WiFi issue

One morning suddenly, out of the blue, my reliable canon all in one stopped obeying my command sent ...
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Standing Up against Planned Obsolescence (as long as possible…)

Backstory Today I added a few more prints to the life of my 3-year-old printer which I bought ...
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10 Books for children (6-9 years) on making choices

1. Olive & Jay Beach Bungle by Swapna Mirashi (Illustrated by Sudakshina Ghosh) 2. Charlie and Lola ...
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Publishing your book

I have been often asked for guidance on how to get your book published. If you have a ...
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Diamond Business Is A Deck Of Cards And We Are All ‘Jokers’

Diamond business is a deck Of Cards. The objective of this game is  - Ensuring 'Money Is Forever', ...
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