Diamond Business Is A Deck Of Cards And We Are All ‘Jokers’

Swapna Mirashi

Diamond business is a deck Of Cards. The objective of this game is  – Ensuring ‘Money Is Forever’, At Whatever Cost. Here is some intelligence on the business of diamonds and a reminder that our love and the way we express it to our loved ones, is none of their business. Or at least it should not be.

Diamond business is a Deck of Cards. And we all (put together) are the ‘Joker’ card. What role WE play (together) in the game of diamond trading will determine our worth in the deck. Will we just be a spare card or the highest trump, a wild card or a fool?

Here’s a look at the 4 suits; the others in the deck;


Diamonds – The Premise Of The Game

3 FACTS about Diamonds;

  1. Diamonds are NOT rare. They one of the most abundant stones found on earth. Don’t believe?Read ‘Rear View Into Not-So-Rare Stones’.
  2. Diamonds are NOT a good investment – the value of the diamond we buy, drops by 50% the moment we walk out of the store. Don’t believe? Try reselling yours.
  3. Diamonds are NOT forever – they chip, they crack, they break and they blend. Don’t believe? Try it yourself – on your diamond. You’d gain either ways. If your diamond lasts – you’ll have it forever. If it chips/ breaks/ cracks – you’ll see the light!

The Hearts – Connected Strongly to Diamonds. Or Are They?

3 FACTS about Hearts and Diamonds;

  1. Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friends – we NEED real people and strong human connections. We cannot share wonderful moments with the stones on our wrist, we cannot feel the strong support of the ‘rock on our fingers’ and we certainly cannot confide in the ‘love on string around our neck’.
  2. Diamond is NOT equal to Love. And bigger diamond does not mean more love. And you definitely cannot gift a diamond and go for golf to show your love when you are needed to be there.
  3. The connection between Hearts and Diamonds is an illusion, crafted carefully to boost demand for stones perceived to be rare until they were discovered by tons. It is a result of clever marketing campaign over the years, often manipulating the weakest human sentiments; anxiety, fear, insecurity, aspiration, loneliness and jealousy. Read Of Hearts and Diamonds – How Diamonds Came to Rule Hearts?

“The diamond invention is a mechanism for converting tiny crystals of carbon into universally recognized tokens of wealth, power, and romance.”

–  Edward Jay Epstein

Club and Spade – The ‘Dark’ Cards in the Deck

  1. Diamond industry is based on a cartel arrangement that, for years has artificially controlled the supply and created hype and demand around a near abundant (even referred to as ‘semi-precious’) stone based on an illusion.
  2. The powerful diamond lobby (the Club suit in our deck) has been influencing laws and regulation in rich, developed economies, to favor their objectives of commerce and trade.
  3. The aura around diamond and the money involved have led to many unethical practices and misuse (Spade) in poor countries to fund wars, conflicts for economic gains and exploitation of labor. Read Of Diamonds, Clubs and Spades – At Any Cost?



And finally,


The Joker – Us Consumers (All Put Together)

We have the power to influence how the game spans out and what rules govern the game. Here are 3 ways we can reclaim the power;

  1. Don’t just follow a trend started by a marketing campaign. Use our judgement. Ask questions, seek answers.
  2. Become aware, make others aware.
  3. Come together, not against each other. Do not compete for bigger stone. Compete, if we must, for a bigger heart.

The newest consumer group – the Millennials, yes the entitled, narcissistic ones – are questioning the tradition and thinking rationally and morally. And the diamond marketers are taking note, studying them and changing, customizing their offerings to suit this consumer group.

It’s time we – the Gen Xs, Gen Ys – take note and think too.