Swapna Mirashi

In this age of information overload, what is rare to find is wisdom. Here is our attempt to discover wisdom – our debut on YouTube with freewheeling conversations with wise experts who are passionate about their field of work and have studied it in depth to write, talk and comment on – Words of Wisdom for Parenting in Modern Affluence.

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Words of Wisdom #2 – Devdutt Pattanaik
Whether we believe in mythology or not, we are all living in a myth; a modern myth. Stories of several characters, spanning several centuries from mythology, provide us a peek into the diversity of human mind and behavior. Most themes explored in these stories are universal in nature – relationships, perspectives, conflicts, life in a society or away from it. Devdutt Pattanaik, famous mythologist and author of over 40 books) has studied mythology of various cultures. Parents will benefit from his wisdom distilled from years of study of different cultures, characters, situations in mythology.

Swapna Mirashi In Conversation With noted psychologist Barry Schwartz, author of several books including Paradox of Choice. Parents will take heart from this conversation and may discover confidence as they find answers to some of their pressing questions (the ones that cannot be googled;). How to make sense of today’s environment as a parent, raising kids who are happy adults. How parents and students should look at College admissions… How more choice is causing stress… Why ‘Freedom’ is within constraints… What’s the role of grandparents today?

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