Financial Literacy Smart Book For Children

Teach Children to Make Wise Choices. Catch them young - if you don't someone else will

Wonder More and Want Less!

It is easy to get blinded by wants – they are all around us, shouting loud for our attention with bright colours, dazzling lights and displays, music, engaging commercials and peer influence. It becomes easy then to lose sight of our genuine need, the unglamorous, unattractive, mundane, boring need. It ...
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Nature inspires Wonder

‘The more high tech our lives become, the more nature we need.’ – Richard Louv, The Nature Principle  It is common sense that spending time outdoors, in nature is good for all. But as our lives and our children’s childhoods got busier, high tech and demanding, we have lost track ...
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Jay’s Journey along The Trouble Track

Beach Bungle follows 2 young seagulls – Olive and Jay - through their day on a beach. Jay is accompanying big sister Olive for the first time to play on the beach. He is obviously excited about the new experience – new things he sees, new games he plays. He ...
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Why ‘Needs and Wants’ is a crucial lesson for privileged kids?

“Learning to choose is hard. Learning to choose well is harder. And learning to choose well in a world of unlimited possibilities is harder still, perhaps too hard.” ― Barry Schwartz, The Paradox of Choice     “The ability to choose well seems to depend in no small part upon our knowing ...
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Beach Bungle – Reviews

highly recommended! We love this book, young and old. Lighthearted, hopeful and thought-provoking at the same time, it brings a message that kids will easily get. Let the kid read it to the adult! We also love the illustrations. The gulls wear their personalities on their sleeves. And the colors ...
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Children’s Smart Book – Olive & Jay Beach Bungle

Category – Junior Fiction/ Illustrated Early Chapter Book/ Bridge Book/ Educational Book/ Fable Tags – Financial Literacy, Needs and Wants, Making Choices, Environment Synopsis Research shows that being able to meet all we need and a few wants gives us a feeling of abundance and leads to satisfaction and happiness ...
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Teach Children to Make Wise Choices

In world full of options and distractions and instant gratification, how can children make wise choices? The ability to identify one’s need and to prioritize needs over wants is one of the most significant lessons in financial literacy for children, that may also be the key to emotional well-being and ...
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Financial Literacy for young?  Start with a book…

Start as young as 4 years. Read a story, talk about it. At 6 delve deeper, read the interesting information with the child. At 8, see them get engrossed in the awesome activities of the book. This book is listed as a personal finance educational resource on Jumpstart Clearninghouse USA ...
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Author – Olive & Jay Beach Bungle

Author Profile & Portfolio Swapna Mirashi is a Financial Literacy expert. She was on the Reserve Bank of India’s Steering Committee for Financial Literacy in 2007. She was a consultant to big banks and organizations in India. Swapna has authored 3 other books on Financial Literacy. Money Wise (2003) – ...
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beach bugle cover design

Bridge book / Financial Literacy / Making Choices / Needs and Wants / Seagulls
*Listed on Jumpstart Clearinghouse - USA’s premier financial literacy resource

80 Pages              SGD 12.00

Beach Bungle is not just a book.

Beach Bungle is a smart book.

A modern fable about making wise choices. It illustrates Needs and Wants with a moral;

With an easy-to-read story that entertains and inspires, children (6-9 years) will be encouraged to independently. Confident readers will be challenged to think beyond
the story.

The Story and the BONUS SECTION full of Interesting Information and Awesome Activities, in this multi-disciplinary book will appeal to multiple intelligences of the curious young minds.

This richly illustarted 'smart book' will be;
an engaging story to read out to preschoolers, and
an encouraging read for independent young readers.