Beach Bungle – Reviews

Swapna Mirashi

highly recommended!

We love this book, young and old. Lighthearted, hopeful and thought-provoking at the same time, it brings a message that kids will easily get. Let the kid read it to the adult!
We also love the illustrations. The gulls wear their personalities on their sleeves. And the colors of all the things in the “collection” show the wild riot of human-made products.


A powerful book to instill essential life skills

Loved this book for
– excellent story that subtly yet effectively delivers some of the most essential life skills – needs and wants, relationships, play and fun (so important in this digital age)
– awesome illustrations
– new and a welcome feature of the book is ‘Bonus Section’ with information and riddles, quiz and other activities that provides great stimulation for brain
As the consumerism grows and new products flood the markets, a must read book not just for children but for parents as well. Every time I read I get new insights and find myself completely immersed in the world of Olive and Jay.


 it is a story about the art of being happy. Though intended for kids

Olive and Jay is not just a fairytale, it is a story about the art of being happy. Though intended for kids, it pleases the elders as well and make us happy as well as contemplative.
The book is beautiful in its principal content which is further accentuated by the simple but smoothly flowing language. The vibrant illustrations are just and complementary to the words with beautiful imagery giving the impression of the child’s innocence and gay abandon in the paintings.


Lovely book with a valuable message!

This is a really lovely book! My eight year old loved the activities in the back, and the story sparked a valuable conversation about the differences between needs and wants. I highly recommend it!


Olive and Jay look like my kids

I bought this book for my 7years girl and 4years boy.
Olive and Jay look like my kids. 🙂
This book has a instructive message, very interesting information and awsome activities!
My girl absolutely loved this book!