Children’s Smart Book – Olive & Jay Beach Bungle

Swapna Mirashi

beach bugle cover design

Category – Junior Fiction/ Illustrated Early Chapter Book/ Bridge Book/ Educational Book/ Fable

Tags – Financial Literacy, Needs and Wants, Making Choices, Environment


Research shows that being able to meet all we need and a few wants gives us a feeling of abundance and leads to satisfaction and happiness in life. Getting all that we want is practically impossible as one want leads to another and more and more. Often times, such a thing leads us into a ‘want bubble’ in which we can often be blinded by wants, even at the cost of ignoring our needs. Proliferation of wants and desires has its roots in unmet needs. Tantrums, pester power, distraction, instant gratification are simply the outwardly symptoms of this root cause.

The ability to identify our need and to differentiate between and prioritize needs over wants is one of the most significant ability in financial literacy and is best acquired young.

Beach Bungle draws on author’s original research of 7 years and her 13 years as a Financial Literacy expert. Through a simple story of two young seagulls, this modern day fable illustrates  –

‘If you don’t know what we need, what you really really need,                                                                     

You’d want more and more of everything you see.’

The book includes a bonus section filled with information and activities – a window to the wonders around, in nature and in self. It is published in Singapore.