Airlines are ditching first class

Swapna Mirashi

Airlines are ditching first class – will Covid-19 kill the front cabin?

This Telegraph article clarifies why we were unable to get a first-class ticket on our preferred but with fully-booked business class flight to LA.

Well, it’s not just about the first class for us. This is not even our preferred route. The tickets on our top 3 preferences were previously cancelled due to cancellations of the flights on that route; (1) via Paris, (2) via New York, (3) via San Francisco.

We could not get ticket on our preferred date to the flight that was available. Hence a new route and a new date had to be worked on. But here we are, with a confirmed ticket, pre-booked meal that will be served all at once (no business class course-meal). After reading this article hope to get hot meal though. Expectations reboot.

Clip of the article here