Pause & Think

Swapna Mirashi

Whenever you are in doubt; when you do not know what to do. When your mind says something, your parents/ siblings/ teachers/ friends say something else. What do you do?

  1. Take a deep breath – PAUSE
  2. Let the chaos in your head pass/ settle down – this might take minutes, hours, even days. Do a regular check if the storm in your head has passed.
  3. Once, the storm in the head has passed, THINK – think freely, think responsibly and think with an open mind. It is ok to admit if you were wrong in the beginning. It is ok to now feel that someone else was right. It is ok to change your mind. It is ok to stay put – stay with what you believed in in the beginning.  

Whatever you choose to do, know that the consequences of the choice are for you to face.

Now PAT on your back for having Paused and Thought and move on…

Here’s a charming little poem by Shel Silverstein that may be reassuring;