Q #1

Swapna Mirashi

Real world is full of interesting clues and quizzes. Find one. Solve one. Start here today.

Why are supermarket checkout counters lined with candies in colourful packaging or promotional items?

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Answer: Because shoppers will not buy them otherwise (if it is not for halloween that it)


So, Candy Manufacturers ‘promote’ candies; they pay a rent to supermarkets to let their candies sit on the very visible spot – on the shelves at the checkout counter. So that, shoppers standing in queue will be compelled to look and at the end of their shopping trip, may buy on ‘impulse’. Now, impulse is this sudden, strong desire to do something – no logic, no thought, just an urge. In this case, it is to buy candy. This is called impulse buying.

After shopping around, our brains tend to get tired and may take a break while waiting in the queue. That’s when impulse comes in to play. Making shoppers buy candies. Making supermarkets sell more candies. And making candy manufacturer rich.

Now What?

Next time, your impulse comes into work, PAUSE and THINK;

Are you doin’ what you are doin’

Or is someone making you do what you do?

Can you think of other places and situations where impulse buying comes into play? Here’s one more, when you are hungry and you see chocolate cakes in a transparent shelf of a cake shop.