Swapna Mirashi

If you are in your late teens, then it is highly likely that you may be familiar with the term. In fact you may be referred to as one. But do you really know what it means? For the sake of better understanding for older teens and for kids and young teens, below is our explanation of the ‘infamous’ term – Millennial

What is it?
A label. It is a term used to label all those born between years 1980-2000.

Why is it significant?
Most of the millennials are now adults (ages 19-39 now in 2019). They form the the most significant group in the workforce and as spenders/ consumers. Which means, basically this group of people is very significant for both money making and money spending.

Why does it have a wrong connotation?

Listen to this very popular video that went viral on the social media. It, in 15 min, illustrates a widely held opinion regarding those born between 1980-2000

Simon Sinek is a famous speaker and author (he is a Gen X;)). He is also a social media influencer. What Simon says here resonates with many people in generations older than Millennials (these are mostly bosses, teachers, recruiters and parents of the millennials). There is, no doubt, an element of truth in this. But can it be generalized? If something applies to some or even majority of  people in a certain age group, does it mean it applies to all?

What it means to you, if you are a millennial?
Well, firstly, it helps to know what opinions people may have about you because you have the label (millennial) by birth year. And so, you can be prepared to face some prejudices at interviews, discussions, dinners…

Secondly, if you do display the negative traits of ‘millennial’ – think through in terms of do those stop you from achieving your potential, being a better person, friend, son/daughter, sibling, student, professional, parent… If it does, you may have some work to do. If it doesn’t, well then, just blame it on the year you were born 😉

Finally, it may help you understand others in your age group better.

What it means to you, if you are not a millennial?
Be aware that there may be a label coming your way soon… when you start to matter – when you start earning and spending your own money. Use it to know yourself better, not to judge yourself.


At the end of the day, labels are just that – labels.
Like them? Wear them.
Don’t like them? Just peel them off and Move on…