Financial Literacy for young?  Start with a book…

Swapna Mirashi

Start as young as 4 years. Read a story, talk about it. At 6 delve deeper, read the interesting information with the child. At 8, see them get engrossed in the awesome activities of the book. This book is listed as a personal finance educational resource on Jumpstart Clearninghouse USA

What the book is about?

They say money corrupts people, money spoils children.

We say, money can help children learn important life lessons, it can help parents talk to their kids about complex and important topics like use and distribution of resources, self control, environment, making choices, delaying gratification.


‘Getting all we need is important. Getting all we want is impossible.

If we stop chasing the impossible, we can focus on the important.’


Based on author’s study of over 7 years focusing on needs and wants, as a Financial Literacy consultant and as a mother, shows that the proliferation of wants and desires has its roots in unmet needs. Tantrums, pester power, distraction, instant gratification are simply the outwardly symptoms of this root cause.

The ability to identify one’s need and to differentiate between one’s needs and wants is as much significant for one’s emotional well-being as it is for the financial well-being.

This is the crux of Olive & Jay Beach Bungle, a unique smart book for children. These are significant to financial education (mind over money) as well.

Beach Bungle is author’s fourth book in the area of financial literacy for children and young adults. The author is a financial literacy expert, having done pioneering work in the field in India from 2002-2012. The book is published in Singapore and is a part of author’s pioneering program – ‘developmentally appropriate financial education’ that includes books, talks for parents, workshops for parents and events for children.


Help young children read

The book is a transition chapter book (bridge book) that can be read by children 6-9 years of age as a chapter book and can be read to younger children as a picture book. The book comes with a fable and a bonus nonfiction section with Interesting Information and Awesome Activities.


Schools, librarians, educators

Book is just a beginning of endless conversations. Start one today. Ask us how we can help further 😉